1. What is Barter?
    Barter, at its most basic level, is the exchange of goods and services between parties without using cash. Barter has been around long before cash. Modern Barter is the way businesses get what they need for their business by trading their spare capacity or inventory (what they have)

    The bottom line is that by Bartering instead of paying cash the real cash cost of what you buy is only the cost of what you supply (Your wholesale cost).

    Barter is a financial tool which when used properly improves your cash flow.

  2. Can you summarise how BarterXchange works?
    There are 3 aspects of BarterXchange in summary form, namely:
    • BarterXchange is a community of members that have agreed to abide by a common agreement to strengthen their balance sheet and improve their profitability as well as expand their business network. Because of the dynamics that exist within BarterXchange, member businesses are motivated to do business with one another for mutual advantage using barter.
    • Modern Barter (M) Sdn Bhd (In Malaysia) and its sister company BarterXchange Pte Ltd (In Singapore) provide the internet infrastructure for BarterXchange members to link and trade with other member businesses globally using a revolving Barter Trade Credit/Debit system. Supported by a strong team of professional business advisors, Modern Barter (M) Sdn Bhd & BarterXchange Pte Ltd are also the promoters, managers and 3rd party record keepers of BarterXchange in Malaysia and Singapore.
    • The Process or mechanics of how it works:
      • A business joins after a business Trade Advisor has engaged them in discussion and one of many different financial strategies is adopted.
      • Upon acceptance of an application the member is allocated a charge free line of credit.
      • The member will be guided on how to buy goods and services using Barter Trade Credits instead of cash. By doing so, cash flow is immediately improved.
      • Repayment is made not by cash but by the supplying of their own goods and services to community members which eventuates due to marketing promotion and assistance by the Trade Advisor.
      • All transactions are recorded electronically through The Barter Trading System internet infrastructure. All parties receive real time instant settlement and accounting ready statements which are easily transferred into incumbent accounting systems.
      • The Trade Advisor and the member maintain an active ongoing support relationship.
      • Simplified bottom line: The member receives:
        charge free line of credit (BTC),
        improves cash flow
        increases sales and
        increases profit

  3. What are the benefits of joining BarterXchange?

    There are many different strategies and outcomes our Trade Advisors can personlise for Member’s businesses. At a simplified level these different strategies boil down to 4 primary benefits:

    • Charge free line of credit (BTC)
    • Improved Cash Flow
    • Increased Sales, and.
    • Increased Profit

  4. What is Barter Trade Credit (BTC)?
    The Barter Trade Credit (BTC) is an electronic accounting unit used by “The Barter Trading System”, to record the value of goods and/or services exchanged between Trade Members of “The BarterXchange™” A Selling Trade Member will have the Barter Trade Credits (BTCs) credited and a Buying Trade Member will have Barter Trade Credits (BTCs) debited in connection with their Barter Trades, posted to their accounts on “The Barter Trading System”. One BTC is equal to 1 RM in Malaysia and 1 SGD in Singapore

  5. What types of business will benefit being BarterXchange members?
    It is suitable for virtually any business that has a desire or capacity to handle extra business

  6. When can I buy/sell my products and services?
    You can sell your products and services as soon as your membership application to BarterXchange has been accepted and you are issued with a new members pack and access numbers into The Barter Trading System. You can then start buying immediately with our pre-approved credit line of BTC to pay for the products and services you want to acquire.

  7. What is IRTA (International Reciprocal Trade Association)?
    The IRTA is a non-profit organisation of companies committed to promoting just and equitable standards of reciprocal trade (barter). IRTA’s key focus is to raise the value of reciprocal trade to businesses and communities worldwide by educating, self-regulating and leading by example. Modern Barter’s and BarterXchange Executive Chairman sits on the Board of IRTA whose main role is to govern the industry’s common code of ethics and to ensure an effective self-regulatory system among its members. BarterXchange is the only member of IRTA from Asia.

  8. How do I join or obtain more information on BarterXchange?
    You can email an enquiry to:
    Singapore: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or phone +65 6438-3128
    Malaysia: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or phone +60 3 7956- 6866
    and one of our Trade advisors will arrange to meet and discuss your particular business and evaluate possible strategies with you.