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Our Vision

To manage an active barter community that recognizes Barter Trade Credit (BTC) as an instrument of measurement, where the community members have 5% - 10% of their gross revenue derived from Barter.

Our Mission

  • To embrace and educate on barter trade continually.
  • To develop and maintain a formidable Barter Infrastructure to support the barter community.
  • To recruit members and promote barter trade within the barter community.

Founded in 2002, BarterXchange (S) Pte Ltd, is the leading barter trade exchange center in Asia. We offer a neutral platform for traders to trade with one another through traditional means as well as through the latest innovation in internet technology. It is basically an association of business operators and professionals who have joined together to trade their products and services.

Combining the age-old bartering concept with modern technology, BarterXchange will be providing all businesses with a better trading choice.

Using the diverse base of our traders, BarterXchange will later expand into other internet related business such as virtual mall, auction sites and also using the popularity of the site for banners advertising to create additional revenue for our traders.

Being a member of ecGlobal Barter and International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA), plans are in place to expand the trading systems of BarterXchange globally.

BarterXchange sees itself as a synergy of intelligent, creative and dedicated professionals and entrepreneurs who form the core of a world-class business entity. It will take the lead in contributing to the growth of the Barter Trade Industry in Asia.

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