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July 20, 2002 Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报, NOW 现在, "回到物物交换的年代"
July 20, 2002 The Straits Times, INFOCUS, "Swap Stories"
July 27, 2002 The Straits Times, "Barter Trade in the New Economy?"
July 28, 2002 The New Paper on Sunday, NEWS, "In World of Barter, Cash is Never King"
August 21, 2002 Berita Harian, EKONIAGA, "Perniagaan Tukar Barang Melalui Internet"
April 5, 2004 The Straits Times, MONEY, "Singapore Firm Attempts to Revive Barter Exchange"
April-June 2004 The Singapore Marketer, INDUSTRY TREND, SPECIAL FEATURE, "Barter - Another Marketing Opportunity for Increasing Sales (and improving cash flow management)"
July 2004 SPRING Singapore Trade Publication, COVER STORY, "Want to Maximise the Returns from your Resources? Think Barter Trade!"
October 14, 2004 Today, HOT NEWS, "Bringing Back Barter With a Modern Touch"
October 15, 2004 Berita Harian, "Lebih 300 Syarikat Baru Boleh Guna Khidmat Urus Niaga Barter"
October 15, 2004 Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报, FINANCE 财经, "新加坡青岛两公司签署易货协议"
October 15, 2004 The Business Times, "Bartering Soon for S'pore, Chinese Firms"
May 10, 2005
September 4, 2005 The Sunday Times, NEWS, "Forget Cash, Let's Barter"
March 23, 2006 Today, "Barter with the Rest of the World"
April 4, 2006 The Business Times, SME SPOTLIGHT, "BarterXchange Set to Go International"
May 5, 2006 Radio Singapore International 93.8FM, "Business Ideas" (English Radio Interview)
May 18, 2006 Radio Singapore International, "Business Ideas 商业网络" (Chinese Radio Interview)
October 30, 2006 The Business Times, SINGAPORE NEWS, "Thriving on Barter"
November 1, 2006 The Business Times, "Singapore has Everything in Place to be a Barter Exchange Hub"
November 2, 2006 CNBC, "Shaping Asia's Future"
November 3, 2006 Berita Harian, EKONIAGA, "Firma Tawar Khidmat Dagangan Barter"
November 8, 2006 Today, "Bread and Barter Issues"
April 2007
SMa Business Connect, "Seminar on How Businesses can Save 40% This Year"
Jan - March 2008
SICC Business Minds, FEATURES, "Converting Surplus Inventory into Global Business Opportunities"
February 2008
ACE Spirit of Enterprise, ENTREPRENEURS JOURNEY, "BarterXchange Cashless Way to Trade"
February 2008 Wealth Magazine, INDUSTRY WATCH, "Barter Me Up"
October 2008
XL Magazine, BUSINESS FOCUS, "Barter to Increase Business Profit"
Jan - March 2009 Asia Franchise & Business Opportunities, NEWS STATION, "Presenting Barter in a New Light"
Jan 21, 2009
MediaCorp Radio 938LIVE, CURRENT AFFAIRS - LOCAL, "Cash As a Last Resort"
February 8, 2009 The Sunday Times, HOME, "Age-old Barter Trade Back in Vogue"
February 20, 2009
MediaCorp Channel U, MONEY WEEK 财经追击
February 25, 2009
Bernama "BarterXchange forecasts RM30M barter trade transactions "
February 26, 2009
China Press "大马易货交易"
February 26, 2009 New Straits Times "Modern Barter forecasts RM30M deals via e-platform "
March 3, 2009
The Malaysian Reserve "BarterXchange offers platform to combat biz downturn "
March 9-15, 2009
The Busy Weekly "物物交换革新交易 "
April 4, 2009 The Star "Barter trade your way through recession"