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Thursday, 23 March 2006

These are exciting times! In a historic move that will propel the Singapore barter exchange by a quantum leap, BarterXchange (S) Pte Ltd has announced it will be launching eValues in April 2006. eValues is a versatile trading system designed in the US and used by over 60 barter exchanges worldwide, in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia This will allow BarterXchange (S) Pte Ltd's more than 180 members to access the global barter community, and trade with 15,000 companies.

With the introduction of eValues, BarterXchange members will benefit from:

  1. Trading online with members of the global barter community 24 hours daily

  2. Listing members' products and services with pictures and hyperlinks to their websites, thus increasing their exposure in the global marketplace.

  3. A system which can perform business matching across countries.

  4. New products or Hot Deals will be email blasted to all members within the next day, whether locally only or worldwide.

  5. Sophisticated database contact management and CRM features.

According to the US Barter News, the official journal of the Reciprocal Trade Industry, the growth and use of secondary capital will create unprecedented wealth in a new age of possibility. We will experience a profound monetary change in the coming millennium, and it will create an age of possibility such as the world has never known! Today's high-speed computers and fiber-optic communications are dramatically changing the nature of financial transactions and the way we do business in the global marketplace.

The "new money," no longer defined by the agricultural and industrial ages, is less a medium of exchange and more a measure and comparison of value, controlled almost entirely by the free market. The implications of moving from "old money" (paper & coins) to an electronic measure of value are dramatic! Innovative organizations, using the latest in information technologies, are leading us to the time when every producer will have the ability to instantaneously locate parties that want their product and parties that have what they need-possibly eliminating money entirely as a medium of exchange.

Therefore in this era of "new money" barter trade through barter exchanges using state of the art IT systems is the most logical alternative trading choice.

For more information, please contact Danny Koh, Marketing Manager at BarterXchange (S) Pte Ltd at 6438-3128.