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There are four primary ways BarterXchange facilitates success for its licensees:

Multiple Revenue Streams

BarterXchange offers a shared revenue plan with licensees from multiple Revenue streams  from the clients and members of BarterXchange .
  • Subscription fees
  • Transaction fees  on trade volume
  • Trading margins 

Effective Training Program

Extensive training programs ensure experience is not necessary. BarterXchange has made a significant investment in developing a comprehensive training program with proven results.

Training is delivered in every aspect of the barter  business, consisting of up-to-date programs that lead to a certification with IRTA ( USA)

  • Understanding the economy in a barter community
  • Prospecting and qualifying clients suitable for barter
  • Presentation techniques in Clients acquisitions and consultations with clients 
  • Preparing and Designing a suitable Planned barter Trade program for Clients
  • Execution on the planned barter trade for clients
  • Business management

Management and Technology Support

BarterXchange provides new licensees with a barter  Internet Infrastructure and platform  to manage their business and clients :

  • Up-to-date technology systems training on The Barter Trading system
  • E-commerce tools on the internet for marketing , communications and business administration
  • Technology support for clients for purchasing and selling goods and services , locally and internationally
  • Payment systems and shared revenue plan systems support

Ongoing Support

BarterXchange  provide on-going coaching and mentoring sessions with every licensees to improve business revenue and profits . Such session are conducted by seasoned professionals in

  • Strategic business, financial  and marketing planning
  • “Conversations with barterxchange “ – a series of seminars with experienced barter Business consultants and certified trade brokers locally and globally
  • On going training for Licensee and their  staff in support functions on The Barter Trading Systems
  • Networking sessions for the business community to be educated on the role of barter for improving their bottom line
  • Service branding of all licensees of Barterxchange

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