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Executive Board of Directors

Dr Lee Oi Kum
Executive Chairman

Dr Lee founded BarterXchange in 2002 to help entrepreneurs and SMEs to expand their businesses. Under Dr Lee’s leadership, the Singapore based trade exchange has grown into a global trading community spanning across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

Dr Lee is also very involved with the Inner Wheel Club of Singapore West which organizes charitable activities to raise funds for the underprivileged and needy.

Chiang See Poh
Executive Vice Chairman

Mr Chiang has worked for 11 years with a large Singapore bank in the credit department before venturing into private business of trading and supply of building construction materials and international commodities for several years. He then joined a large public listed diversified industrial group as General Manager of commercial operations and concurrently the Chief Executive of the Group’s Trading arm for 10 years.

He later spearheaded a Singapore listed company as the Managing Director and was instrumental in developing the seafood processing and distribution business in Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand.

Presently, he undertakes Business Development Advisory work in Asia and Australia and is on the board of International Christian Chamber of Commerce.

He is also the founder/President of GIG Foundation that undertakes community development in the Asia region.

Tommy Thompson
Corporate Officer

Tommy is a co-founding Principal of ACH Investments, having been involved in investing in funds in Asia for over 18 years. Before establishing ACH Investments, he was the Managing Director and a partner of UBS Brinson (Asia), a global fund management name. He is also extensively associated with the Hong Kong Bank Group, Hongkong Investment Funds Association, Australian Investment Management, Singapore Institute of Directors and Singapore Institute of Management.

He has had significant responsibilities for the delivery of a long record of excellent investment performances and developed great experience at asset allocation, capital raising and personal financial planning

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