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Opportunities exist for new business investment within BarterXchange, enabling an association with one of Asia’s most dynamic and fastest growing companies. Being a BarterXchange Licensee offers you control of your own financial destiny and the apex of opportunity.

Most important, having a BarterXchange License allows you the association with a company that is a proven industry leader.

If you want to be a part of a business that continues to grow, increase profits and form global strategic alliances, a BarterXchange License is your first class ticket to business success.

Enquire today for a comprehensive license package that delivers all the information you need to start your future in trading today, please click here for Enquiry Form.

  • Profit from your flair for business to business relationship building and sales
  • Do you enjoy advising and working with business decision-makers?
  • Do you find it exciting assisting businesses to grow?
  • Do you want to own a business with a 7 day operating week and 24hr x 365 day/year revenue stream?

Since its inception, BarterXchange has experienced phenomenal growth in membership and trade turnover, and is aggressively expanding into Malaysia and various parts of Asia.

Join us in the success of BarterXchange and be a part of the excitement of one of the fastest growing businesses in Asia. BarterXchange has several dynamic licensee opportunities available and, you will be exposed to massive profit and growth potential, and great capital growth.

Licensees receive the tools required to run a successful BarterXchange operation and have access to every innovation and service.

Benefits experienced by licensees include:

  • Operating a business within Asia’s fastest growing trade exchange
  • A business with strong cash flow
  • Access to a global marketplace and unlimited member customers via a global on-line trading network
  • BarterXchange’s strong brand and marketing support
  • The autonomy to control the business with the reassurance and on-going support of a business model and a world class management team
  • A well defined marketing territory for development and expansion
  • Comprehensive training with on-going strategic, sales, marketing and administration support
  • Advice on financial model, business planning, human resources, site selection and office layout, in addition to other management needs

 The opportunity of a high return on investment

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