Announcement: barterXchange and BBX
BBX - BarterXchange Joint Collaboration

BarterXchange and BBX International have entered into a Collaboration Agreement. This collaboration will provide 18 years of expertise and experience to BarterXchange management enabling growth and exemplary service to its members. Trading opportunities will be enhanced for both BBX and BarterXchange members internationally.

With this agreement, BarterXchange will operate under the BBX brand in both Singapore and Malaysia. For more information visit www.ebbx.com .

We Create Business Opportunities


Converting surplus inventory into assets

Without a doubt, the single largest opportunity for reduction of waste in an organization rests with efficient management of inventory. Developing a strategy on inventory management is an effective way of flushing out many opportunities.

Converting Unutilized Capacity Into NEW Business

By taking advantage of their slow periods, printing companies can take on new business on barter and use trade credits earned to purchase products and service which they would have paid for in hard cash.


Increasing Sales in the competitive restaurant industry

Are your customers are ordering lower-priced entrees and fewer alcoholic beverages?

Your overheads are built in, you have to pay rent, staff salaries regardless of whether the tables are filled or empty.

Can you afford to have a table sit there unoccupied?


Are you having difficulty securing new accounts? How do you fill that last minute hole? Are you running more house ads than you would prefer?

In a plethora of outdoor advertising media that have surfaced in the last few years, billboards, taxi tops, bus panels, automobiles, bus stop panels, LED screens, and seasonal demand, media owners are finding it increasingly challenging in filling their space with ads that produce income.

BarterXchange Members